Warriors Expect Klay Thompson to Resign

The Golden State Warriors believe that Klay Thompson will resign with them. The only real competition is the Los Angeles Lakers but the Warriors feel confident Thompson will resign.

Los Angeles has a chance to steal Thompson because that is Thompson's hometown. Thompson's father Mychal Thompson played for the Lakers. That may not be enough to sway Thompson.

Golden State has been good to Thompson and they will pay Thompson during the off-season. Whether or not it is a max contract we do not know as of yet. I do not think Thompson will receive a max contract because the Warriors are already spread thin. They have been paying their top player and they are seeing the consequences of it.

Winning does not come cheap. That is why a lot of good teams break up. Teams know that they can't afford to keep all the players together. The fact that the Warriors have kept their core together is an amazing feat. However, they have lost a lot of role players and their talent has drained.

Teams have tried stealing the Warriors star players and they have fallen short so far. They did the next best thing and stole the Warriors role players. That hasn't stopped the Warriors from winning but it has hampered the Warriors a little.

Will those teams finally succeed and steal one of the Warriors superstars? The answer is yes because while Thompson is most likely staying, Kevin Durant is most likely leaving. He isn't a part of their core but he has been vital. Without him, the Warriors will not be the best team in the NBA anymore.