Toronto Raptors Reportedly Making Trade Offers for Kawhi Leonard

The Toronto Raptors have shown interest in trying to trade for Kawhi Leonard. Will the Raptors break up their team to get Leonard?

In the past two seasons, the Raptors have had a lot of regular season success. Yet, in the playoffs, they cannot get paid LeBron James. Last playoffs, the Raptors got swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was a one-sided game and one of the worst playoff outings by a team that was the number one seed.

James made quick work of them and many people lambasted the Raptors and the head coach was fired as a result. He ended up receiving the NBA Coach of the Year award a month later. The irony isn't lost on anyone. Luckily for him, he was hired right after.

Now, it looks like the Raptors will try to change up the roster. Regular season success means nothing if you don’t do anything in the playoffs. Seeing the Raptors lose to LeBron over and over may lead to the Raptors getting a player that is capable of guarding him. Leonard is an elite defender and a great offensive player.

Trading DeMar DeRozan for him would be beneficial for them because now they would be able to stop James if they meet him again. He has taken his talents to the Western Conference and if the Raptors make it out of the East, they may have to face him once again. Losing to James on the highest stage will be the epitome of embarressment because he has always ended their season in the playoffs.

No player has ruined as many franchises as LeBron James. He has been the guardian of the East and he has prevented any other team besides his own to make the NBA Finals the last eight years. Now that he is gone, a new team will make it to the NBA Finals and the Raptors are trying to make sure they are the ones that do break away in the new king-less Eastern Conference.

I don’t think they will be able to land Kawhi because Leonard isn’t going to sign an extension with any team that doesn’t reside in Los Angeles. There is no sense in trading away your talented players to have Leonard for just one year. They do have the talent to make a good offer for him, they just aren’t based in L.A.