The Warriors Will Try to Acquire Anthony Davis

The Golden State Warriors have plans to pursue one of the best players in the NBA, Anthony Davis. Will the Warriors acquire Davis and at what price?

Getting Davis would be the icing on the cake for the Warriors. They have been dominating the NBA for half a decade and this is the first year they seem mortal. They are no longer the best team in the NBA. Acquiring Davis would change all that.

One way the Warriors can get Davis is trade for him. If the New Orleans Pelicans believe that Davis is going to leave in free agency, they will trade him. Why let him walk away without getting anything in return? The Warriors can offer a star player and draft picks in return.

The one problem that would arise is who would they part with and what their contract looks like. Will the Warriors trade Klay Thompson and would Thompson resign with the Pelicans? I think he would if they are willing to pay him. That trade isn't equal in anyone's eyes but usually trades like these never are equal.

Teams want to make sure they get something good back. It would satisfy both teams but there will be many offers for Davis so I do expect better offers out there. That is why I believe the Warriors are better off signing Davis once his contract expires.

Golden State can easily make a great pitch for Davis. They have great players and a great coach in Steve Kerr. Davis has said he wants “legacy over money"and that is a great sign for the Warriors. They are the peak of the NBA right now and they make great players even greater.

With the upcoming free agency, the Warriors may lose Kevin Durant and/or Thompson. If that happens, they will have cap space to pay Davis. Right now, the Warrior are in a good position but it can change fast. The Warriors know this and that is why they are always trying to improve. Acquiring Davis may be the biggest improvement the Warriors will do, even bigger than signing Kevin Durant.