The Denver Nuggets Sign Nick Young

Nick Young is back in the NBA and it is with the Denver Nuggets. The former Golden State Warrior will play his first game since winning the championship last season.

It is amazing to see Young just getting signed. He is a great shooter but he is an easy going player and teams don't like that. Young doesn't play great defense but last year, he put a lot of effort on the defensive team and teams should have given him a chance after watching him.

The reason why Young is back in the NBA is because the Nuggets are suffering a lot of injuries and needed depth. Young can give them offense and may help them stay afloat in the highly competitive Western Conference.

Every game counts in the West and the Nuggets know that better than anybody. They missed the playoffs last year by one game. That is something they don't want to happen again. Teams learn though suffering.

It will be fun to see Young in the NBA again. He has a great personality and he gives out great quotes. NBA reporters rejoiced when they heard Young was back in the NBA!