Spurs Are Very Interested In Kristaps Porzingis

The San Antonio Spurs are apparently very interested in the New York Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis and are going to go all-out to acquire him.

Porzingis hasn't played a game this season yet his talent is unquestionable. He is a athletic big man who can shoot the ball well and is a great shot blocker. He is a game changer and the Spurs see him as a team changer also.

As they are, the Spurs are not going to win any titles. They have a great squad but they are missing the X-factor. The Spurs think Porzingis can be the player to guide them to another championship. And I agree. Porzingis is that good.

Right now, the Spurs don't have enough cap space to sign Porzingis to a mac contract. That won't be a problem because the Spurs can easily make a trade in the next few months to create enough cap space. But unfortunately for them, Porzingis is a restricted free agent.

That means that the Knicks can match any offer sheet for him and they most likely will. He is an elite player with immeasurable potential. The Knicks will not part with him so the Spurs won't get him unless something unexpected happens.

Does Porzingis want to stay with the Knicks or join a team that has a better chance of winning? That question doesn't seem to have a answer as Porzingis seems to want both.

“Absolutely, I want to stay here all my career,” Porzingis said. “But the thing I want most of all is winning. When the time comes, I will seriously start to think about it. Right now I just try to do my best.”

The Knicks have been bad all year but that is because Porzingis hasn't been playing. If he was, the Knicks would have been contending for a playoff spot. Right now, the Knicks have shown potential to be great. When Porzingis does return, we will see the Knicks true form and that will decide whether Porzingis will stay or leave.