Should the Knicks Try to Trade for Kemba Walker?

The New York Knicks need a good starting point guard. They haven't been able to solve this problem forever but they might be able to next summer. There will a few good ones to pick from and one of them is Kemba Walker.

If Walker is unhappy next season or if the Charlotte Hornets are horrible, he might be traded before he can become a free agent. Teams tend to trade players before their contract expires so they can get something in return. That works out only if teams are really desperate and don't want to face competition in free agency.

Getting a player is the easy part. Trying to convince him to stay is the hard part. A lot of teams that do pull a trade like this will mostly only do so if they know the player has an interest in playing for them. But recently, teams have ignored that and are gambling by trying to convince players that they will like their new home.

For the Knicks, this is tricky. Walker has said he doesn't see himself leaving Charlotte but he has interest in New York because he hails from there. Trading for Walker won't be cheap because he is the Hornet's star player and they are going to ask a lot for him.

Waiting for free agency will make it harder to acquire Walker because other teams will be making him offers also. Trading might be the best way but it is also the worst way to acquire him.

Recently, the Knicks have stopped in the practice of trading away their young players and draft picks. I am very happy that they have done this because we have given up a lot of great players because of trades. Even if it means letting other teams get a chance to make a pitch to Walker in free agency, the Knicks should wait and not trade for him.

The Knicks' future looks bright and with a few more players, they will be good. Don't ruin that by trading away your valuable pieces. There isn't much point of getting Walker if you trade away the players that would have helped him make the Knicks better.

Only trade for Walker if it is inexpensive. One role player and a draft pick and I say that hesitantly. Walker isn't the only point guard out there so the Knicks don't need to rush like they did with Carmelo Anthony years ago. That should be the reference as to why you should wait.