Several Teams Interested in Jeremy Lin

The Atlanta Hawks will be moving Jeremy Lin and there are more than a couple teams that are interested. What the Hawks get in return will determine what teams wins the Lin lottery.

The Portland Trail Blazers, the New Orleans Pelicans and the Philadelphia 76ers are interested in trading for Lin. The Hawks would like a first round pick for Lin but that is not likely to happen. It will be either a second round pick or a decent veteran player.

Lin has played for numerous teams and will join yet another team before this season ends. The good news is that he will join a team contending for a playoff spot. Teams know Lin is a great backup point guard who can manage the game well. That is worth a lot come playoff time.

Still, it has to be tiresome to be always on the move. Lin, like many players, wants to find a home in the NBA. That is not something players have a lot of say in. The only way to find stability is to have a non-trade clause or the team would be crazy to trade you.

After this season, Lin will become a free agent and he once again select his next team. If he doesn't like the team he ends up with, he can go elsewhere. What will be interesting to see is how much Lin gets paid.

He is earning $13.8 million this year and it'll be interesting to see what his value will be in free agency. If Lin is going to come off the bench, I don't think he will be getting paid more than $8 million. That is still a lot of money but it doesn't seem like Lin has peaked.