Rockets Trade Michael Carter-Williams to the Bulls

The Houston Rockets have traded guard Michael Carter-Williams and some cash to the Chicago Bulls for a second round pick.

Trading Carter-Williams will give the Rockets some leverage because his contract won't count against the salary cap. It would have become guaranteed at the end of today.

Not many people will even care about this trade because the Rockets don't use Carter-Williams much. He played great in the preseason but that hasn't translated well in the NBA. The Rockets are a team that loves shooting three-pointers but for some reason thought that Carter-Williams would fit with the team.

The good news is that the Rockets have turned their NBA season around and are now a top-four seed in the Western Conference. And now they can acquire another player if need be.

Carter-Williams will be waived by the Bulls most likely. After that, he can choose where he wants to play. Let's hope he chooses wiser this time around.