New Orleans Pelicans Are On the Verge of Losing Anthony Davis

The New Orleans Pelicans are a meager 15-15 this season and on the verge of losing Anthony Davis. Will the Pelicans try to play the long game and hope Davis stays or trade him if he declines to sign an extension?

It is odd seeing the Pelicans struggle this season. They swept the Portland Trail Blazers in the playoffs last season and were one of the emerging teams in the NBA. All of that was quickly forgotten after the Pelicans struggled this year.

Will the Pelicans turn it around? That depends on a lot of things so it isn't easy to answer. The best answer is that the Pelicans current roster isn't good enough. They have Davis and decent role players around him but it hasn't worked out. Should the Pelicans fire their head coach Alvin Gentry?

That might be the most logical move. Other teams have fired good head coaches and the teams got better. That alone means that Gentry should be worried. If the Pelicans miss the playoffs, Gentry will be out of the New Orleans.

As for Davis, he must be getting frustrated by now. He hasn't had much success in the playoffs and he doesn't have another great superstar to help him. DeMarcus Cousins was the only superstar he played with and Cousins was usually injured most of the time.

If I was Davis, I would look at my options. New Orleans hasn't solved the problem of winning in the Western Conference and deserve to lose Davis as a result. It isn't easy for bad teams to turn it around after drafting a number one pick. Bad teams need a lot of pieces to turn it around and the Pelicans didn't get enough pieces.

Now, Davis can join anther team that already has the pieces there. Davis can play his same style but his new team would be much better and they would win easily. That must sound appealing to Davis. He has worked hard and has yet to accomplish anything in the NBA.

The Pelicans are running out of time. If they don't do anything fast, they will become mediocre again. The NBA is cruel and the Pelicans are about to find out firsthand.