Lakers Plan to Sign Tyson Chandler

The Los Angeles Lakers needed a backup center and the Phoenix Suns were more than happy to do them a favor. The Suns released center Tyson Chandler and the Lakers will be signing the big man in the near future.

Besides Javale McGee, the Lakers don't have another good center. Mcgee has played well this year but when he goes to the bench, the Lakers don't have a shot blocker. Chandler should change that if he plays well.

At the age of 36, Chandler isn't going to be able to play like he did in the past. Instead, he will most likely have short bursts of good play and fall into mediocrity. He's not the best option but the Lakers don't have a better answer.

Currently, the Lakers don't look that good. They can compete with the better Western Conference teams but they can't win. Head coach Luke Walton has been under pressure and may be fired because the Lakers are playing bad. They are 4-5 and are still trying to find their footing.

Adding Chandler should make them a better team but it doesn't solve the problem of not having many three-point shooters. LeBron James has also went away from shooting the three ball and his team is paying for it.

I think Chandler may give them some breathing room but it won't last. The Lakers aren't a good fit and players don't really know their role at the moment. Walton is young and that is partly why he is getting a lot of criticism. He should keep his job if the Lakers are in the playoff mix but if they aren't, he will be gone soon. j