Knicks Plan to Get Rid of Joakim Noah One Way or Another

The New York Knicks are in rebuilding mode and their future looks promising. Yet, not everyone on the roster is a part of the future plan.

Center Joakim Noah has been speculated to be traded or released by the Knicks in the near future. That is not a surprise because he hasn't played much for the Knicks. When he has played, he hasn't been that good.

You may be wondering why the Knicks haven't released him yet even though he has barely played/ played horrible. That is because Noah's contract is a big one and the Knicks couldn't just get rid of his insane contract.

Noah is still owed $37.8 million and that is a lot for a guy that is mostly on the bench. Honestly, there is always a player or two getting paid a lot of money but ends up sitting on the bench. The good news is that Noah is more than likely out of New York City.

Trading Noah will be difficult because that is a lot of money and teams won't want to take that contract. It will hurt them because they may go over the salary cap and have to pay the luxury tax. We did see the Atlanta Hawks trade for Carmelo Anthony and then buy him out for over $25 million. Will another team do the same thing with Noah?

The chances are unlikely because not many teams will be planning for the long future like the Hawks. They are trying to tank and by taking Anthony's contract, it helps them do just that. More than likely, Noah will be waived by the Knicks.

Yes, the Knicks will have to pay Noah a lot of money not to play for them. But they can spread his salary over the years and have it hurt them less than paying him the whole salary in one year. Teams have gotten smarter but this option is not always on the table so teams have to be careful when to use it.

Noah will get paid either way and he will be more than happy to leave a team that doesn't want him there. The Knicks can give that roster spot to a young player that they want to develop and he won't be getting paid a lot so it works out.