Knicks Finally Get Rid of Joakim Noah

It has finally happened The New York Knicks got rid of Joakim Noah but it came at a hefty price.

On Saturday, the Knicks waived Noah just before the season started. They will have to pay him for the two remaining years but they were able to make the most of it. By using the stretch provision on the remaining year of Noah's contract, they can spread it over the span of three years and save cap room space.

By doing that, the Knicks can pursue two superstars next summer. That has always been the focus and the Knicks will make sure that they are able to sign multiple stars next year. Whether or not they are able to attract superstars is another topic of discussion.

Noah has been a mistake that the Knicks regretted soon after signing him. Everyone but the Knicks knew that he wasn't as good as people speculated. That wasn't even the main issue with Noah. He was unhealthy and barely played. When he did play, he wasn't what the Knicks expected.

The Knicks are known to give out bad contracts so that was the norm. In the past few years, the Knicks have tried to change their image and were doing good until that contract. If there is any good news, its that the Knicks will most likely not make the same mistake. The Noah signing will be like a black eye that won't be going away for a while.

Now that Noah is gone, there will be less drama in New York. They can go back to focusing on the regular season and develop their younger players. The future is bright and the Knicks are expected to turn it around next summer.