Knicks and Kings Want to Trade Enes Kanter for Zach Randolph

The New York Knicks want to trade center Enes Kanter and it looks like they are serious about it. Just days after rumors sprung that Kanter was going to be traded, the Knicks have begun discussions with the Sacramento Kings to trade him for Zach Randolph.

Trading Kanter for Randolph doesn't seem like a good trade because Kanter is much better than Randolph. However it makes sense for the Knicks. They want a bench player and Randolph is just that. Kanter is a starter and wants to start. I don't know whether he will start if traded to Sacramento but he will get more minutes there.

Both of these players have expiring contracts and will be free agents after this year. The Kings also want to get rid of another player and that means a third team may be included in the trade. My guess is that they are trying to trade Ben McLemore because he hasn't fit in well with the team.

With the trade deadline nearby, expect a lot more trade discussions. Unlike the Knicks, the Kings have a chance to make the playoffs so they are more likely to make a trade. Kanter may be enough to solidify a playoff spot. He is a great rebounder and almost unstoppable under the rim.

The Knicks on the other hand want to create space for a superstar in the upcoming summer so they will be busy. Expect a few Knicks players to be traded.