Kevin Durant Leads MVP Race to Start the Season

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant is having a great season so far. He is averaging a whopping 30.1 points per game, almost 8 rebounds and over 6 assists per game. Those numbers have him as the favorite to win the Most Valuable Player award.

In the last three games, Durant has scored 44, 49 and 51 points. Those are some amazing numbers and show us why he is one of the best players to play the game. The most amazing thing about his 51 points is that it game against Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors. Leonard is the best player in the game and Durant was still able to shine brightly in that game.

The reason why Durant has been scoring a lot lately is because the Warriors are missing a few key players. Durant has had to pick up the slack and he has stepped up big time. He has shown everyone why he should be considered the best player in the world.

When Stephen Curry returns from his injury, Durant won't be scoring 40 points as often as he is now. That doesn't mean Durant will cool down. He will still be scoring around 30 points and while it may dip under 30, it won't be a drastic drop.

The funny thing is that Curry returning won't be why Durant's stats drop. The real reason why his stats will fall is because the Warriors will go back to blowing teams out. That means Durant won't play much in the fourth quarter and decrease his stats slightly.

Will Durant win the MVP award? As of right now, he has to be leading the pack. His numbers are amazing and what he has been doing lately is reminiscent of Kobe Bryant having a similar run of high scoring games in 2003 and again later in his career.

One of the biggest competition for Durant is his teammate Curry who also was putting up amazing numbers before his injury. Curry was in the MVP talk in spite of playing with Durant which shows everyone that they can play together and share the ball.

The next few weeks will be fun to watch because Durant has been on fire and may not want to slow down. He knows that he is almost un-guard-able one-on-one. Whatever the case may be, the Warriors are making basketball look very easy!