How Far will LeBron James Take the Lakers Next Season?

The Los Angeles Lakers have become one of the best just by acquiring LeBron James this summer. That is to be expected because the Cleveland Cavaliers made the NBA Finals with James and little help. Can James help make this Lakers team into a NBA Champion or will he fall short?

Magic Johnson was not only able to get LeBron James, he also acquired Javale Mcgee, Lance Stephenson and Rajan Rondo. He got James playmakers and a defensive anchor. McGee was on the Golden State Warriors the past two years that they beat James and the Cavs. That reunion must have been fun.

With the Lakers young core and the new additions, James has more than enough talent to make a run this year. That will not be an easy task because the Western Conference is nothing like the Eastern Conference. Every team in the playoff is great and has earned the right to be there unlike the East. James will have to fight to make it to the NBA Finals and that looks impossible at the moment.

The fact that the Warriors are in the West means that James will have to beat them to make it to the NBA Finals. He has lost three out of four NBA Finals to them so that has always been a tough task for him and the rest of the NBA. It doesn’t help that this Warriors team might be the best one they have ever assembled.

The rich got richer this summer and it was thanks to DeMarcus Cousins signing to the Warriors. He is coming back from an achilles injury and may not be ready for the season opener. That is also why the Warriors were able to land him. Teams were scared about Cousin’s health and weren’t going to pay him much because of that. Cousins got the last laugh and decided to join the Warriors as payback and to win a championship.

Cousins signed a one-year deal for a veteran’s minimum. Defeating this Warriors team might be impossible because they will have five All-Stars starting. They will be an All-Star team and that is unheard of. Will James be able to overcome the Thanos of the NBA?

It depends on how good the Lakers are. Golden State hasn’t had an answer for James and instead lock down his teammates and win games. If this Lakers team is great together, they can compete with the Warriors. It will be an offensive showdown and that will be some of the best basketball fans will get to see.

Unfortunately for James, the Warriors aren’t the only good team in the West. The Houston Rockets, the Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma Thunder are a few teams that will give the Lakers trouble and a arduous path to the NBA Finals.

Not much can be predicted accurately until we get to see these teams in action. However, if I were to make a guess, it would be on a Western Conference loss to the Warriors in five games. This Warriors team is just too good and it's going to take at least three All-Stars to make it even a close game. We might as well just hand the Warriors the championship now because it will take perfect basketball to beat them four times in a series and that won’t happen. Not this year anyway.