Did the Golden State Warriors Ruin the NBA?

With the addition of DeMarcus Cousins, the Golden State Warriors have built arguably the best starting lineup in the history of the NBA. Having five superstars on the same team seems unfair. Did they ruin the NBA by signing Cousins this free agency?

It is not the Warriors job to make sure that they don't build a team that is too good. They are supposed to add the best players they possibly can during free agency. The limiter is the cap space. It is supposed to make sure one team doesn't end up getting all the best players. Cousins threw the cap space out the window when he signed for much less than he deserved.

He will be earning only $5.3 million next year. That is very little for arguably the best big man in the league. Cousins is coming off an Achilles injury and that made teams hesitant to pay him a max deal. He took matters into his own hands and reached out to the Warriors and the rest is history.

As of yet, we can't say if the Warriors have ruined the NBA. We haven't even seen them play. They may not work well together. Having five All-Stars is going to be hard because there is only one basketball. Will all of them be happy to see their stats decrease for the sake of a championship. Cousins give up millions to play for the Warriors so he may be willing to but will the other superstars be as selfless?

It will all depend on the product we see on the court. The Warriors are favorites to win the NBA Finals once again but they have been for the past four years now. The gap between them and the other teams may have increased but we all know that the Warriors aren't going to lose four games to another team in the playoffs. They are better coached and have overcome numerous injuries.

I don't think they have ruined the NBA. Nobody expects the Warriors to go undefeated. When Michael Jordan and the Bulls won three straight championships and they went 72-10 one season, nobody said they ruined basketball. Everyone had the Bulls winning yet those words weren't spoken. The Warriors are being treated differently because their potential is higher. But if the end result is not losing, isn't it the same scenario?