Cavaliers Are Making Kevin Love Available 'For the Right Price'

The Cleveland Cavaliers have jumped into rebuilding mode and that is evident with the Cavalier's latest move. They are making forward Kevin Love available for trade “for the right price.”

Love is still a great player and teams will test to see what the Cavaliers are looking for. The only shortcoming Love has is his defense but defenses can hide him and the reward is higher than the risk.

If teams want Love, they will have to deal with his hefty contract of $120 million over four years. That is a lot of money for a player that will not be the centerfold of the team that acquires him. Not many teams will take up that contract but never say never.

After LeBron James left the team, the Cavaliers spiraled to mediocrity. We all knew this and were excited to see another team dominate the Eastern Conference. The Cavaliers however thought that maybe they could sneak into the playoffs. They were in denial if they thought they had a decent team without James.

Now, they are playing the long game. The Cavs are in rebuilding mode and it may be a few years before they even compete for a playoff spot. The good news is that the upcoming draft has a few players that can turn their franchise around.

Love is going to be happy if he gets traded. He won't be on the sinking ship that is the Cavs. Instead, he can join another team and compete for the playoffs.