Wizards Finally Are Willing to Trade Away John Wall And Bradley Beal

It has finally happened. The Washington Wizards are willing to trade away their two best players because the Wizards are horrible this year. Will they actually trade away their best players or are they just going to test the market?

Just because a team says they are open to trading a player or two, it doesn't mean they will trade them. Some teams like to see what the market price is. If they think they can get back a lot, they may end up trading their player but first, they will test out all the available options.

This news comes at an interesting time. Just last week, the Minnesota Timberwolves offered Jimmy Butler for Bradley Beal. Instead of accepting, the Wizards shot that offer down. Now, they are most likely regretting that deal.

To be fair to the Wizards, the Wolves did trade Butler to the Philadelphia 76ers for far less. But getting Butler back would have helped the Wizards. Now, they are trying to trade away John Wall and Beal but they should get back more than enough for them.

Now, the problem that will arise for the Wizards is whether they want to win this year or keep struggling. One of the reasons why I think the Wizards decided to start from scratch is because the draft class for the next NBA Draft is loaded and the Wizards like what they see.

Trading Wall and Beal won't be hard but who they get back will matter. While that might sound rhetorical, it isn't. The Wizards are going to aim for first round draft picks instead of superstar players because they want to keep losing and draft high.

Now that I think about it, it makes sense why the Wizards didn't want Butler. He would have made them better and that may not be their goal.They are 5-11 and while they can still make the playoffs, I don't think that will be their goal.

Teams will flock to trade for a player like Wall and I expect he may cost teams a few first round picks. While Beal isn't as good or coveted as Wall, teams will still be interested in him and the Wizards can also get a first round pick in return for him.

It looks like the John Wall show is over in Washington. Now, he can play for another team that can utilize him better and make teams into playoff contenders.