Will LeBron James Win MVP This Season?

After leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James will get a fresh start with the Los Angeles Lakers. Will he win the most valuable player award next season?

Last year, James had a great season where he averaged 27.5 points per game, 9.1 assists per game and 8.6 assists per game. Those are amazing numbers and definitely MVP worthy. I think that because James has always put up great numbers that it's expected at the this point.

The same argument was made for Michael Jordan. He should have won more MVP awards but because he always played great every year, it was the norm. And the same thing applies to Kobe Bryant also. It isn't the best logic and it is flawed. The most valuable player should get the award no matter what they have done in prior years.

Playing with the Lakers will give James a new appearance and that will play in his favor. Him winning an MVP with the Lakers would cap a huge season for the Lakers. As well as NBA players play, outside forces are always considered.

Next year, expect LeBron James to dominate again. With a better roster, James will be more dangerous. Teams can't focus only James because the other Lakers will make them pay. The Cavs were horrible besides James. It was a miracle they even made the NBA Finals last year.

by Ahaqir Ishaq
by Ahaqir Ishaq

Expect James to fill up the stat sheet and it will reflect with the Lakers record. They will win more than 50 games unless they have chemistry issues.The Lakers will have to face many good Western Conference and that may hurt their record a little bit. It won't hurt the Lakers much but because playoff seeding will be important, those games will have big consequences.

I think James will average about 28 points per game , nine rebounds and nine assists per game. James will try harder because the Western Conference will be tougher and every game will be important. That should only help James play better because he loves a good game.