What Is Happening with the Minnesota Timberwolves?

The Minnesota Timberwolves are the most dysfunctional team in the NBA and it is going to be a problem heading into the season. What has lead to the current drama and how can the Wolves solve it?

It all started last season when the Timberwolves faced the Houston Rockets in the playoffs. Jimmy Butler got angry at Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns for their lack of “heart” during the series. After the Wolves lost the series, it was reported that Butler was criticizing a teammate which was apparently Towns as they were heading to the lockers.

It got worse during the off-season. Butler declined to sign an extension and it came out that Butler wanted out. Soon after, Butler requested a trade. Andrew Wiggin's brother tweeted “hallelujah” and that lead to a Wiggins and Butler feud.

Now, the Minnesota Timberwolves cancelled practice today after Butler did an interview with ESPN. Apparently, Butler may have said too much. Today, it came out that Butler told his teammates that they need him.

Cancelling team practice was not a wise decision. Instead, the front office should have talked to the players and told them what is acceptable and not acceptable. I want to criticize the players but I can't because the organization is the one to blame. They have handled this horribly and need to get it together.

The Wolves can easily fix this and that is by trading Butler. They have had talks to the Miami Heat but they keep holding out. Now, they should take whatever is on the table and end this debacle. It is embarrassing to the team and the NBA.

This is high school drama and it should be unacceptable by the league. It is making a mockery of the NBA and should have been taken more seriously. Players have egos and when a player starts hurting the whole team, you get rid of them.

Butler should be traded in the next five days because that is the only solution left. It doesn't seem like to me that that was Butler's intentions. It has worked in his favor and he will get what he wants; out of the Timberwolves.