Timberwolves Close to Signing Luol Deng and Becoming the 2012 Chicago Bulls

It looks like the Minnesota Timberwolves will follow through on their quest to become the 2012 Chicago Bulls. It would be okay to be the 2012 Chicago Bulls if you were dressing up for Halloween, not if you were a team in 2018.

The Wolves and former Bull Luol Deng are close to finalizing a one-year deal. The one good thing to take away from that sentence is that it is a one year deal. If it doesn't work out, the Wolves won't be burdened with paying him after this season.

Deng is going to make $2.4 million with the Wolves. That isn't bad considering Deng was bought out by the Los Angeles Lakers and is going to make over $29 million. And he only played 13 minuted last game! His agent needs a raise because whatever he is getting paid isn't enough.

All jokes aside, Deng was lucky that the Lakers needed to get rid of his contract so they can sign a superstar player to a max deal next year. Deng had to give up $7.5 million to leave the Lakers. Giving up $8 million is not easy especially considering that Deng won't make that much from his future NBA contracts.

It wasn't much of a choice for Deng. Either he kept sitting on the bench as a Laker or leave and get to play somewhere else. It isn't always about the money but when you are making almost $30 million to not play, giving up $7 million isn't too hard.

Let's hope the Wolves can get Deng to contribute. He hasn't played much lately but he is a good defender and that is something his former coach Tom Thibodeau thrives at. The good thing is that this isn't a big risk contract so the Bulls… oops I mean Wolves should be able to get over if it doesn't work out.