Thunder Traded Carmelo Anthony for Dennis Schroder

It is official, the Oklahoma Thunder traded Carmelo Anthony and a protected 2022 draft pick to the Atlanta Hawks for Dennis Schroder, Mike Muscala. Anthony is not the Thunder’s problem anymore.

Oklahoma and Anthony haven’t gotten along since the Thunder found out that isn’t as good as advertised. The Thunder wanted to get rid of Anthony after the poor season he had but he opted in to the last year of his contract that almost paid him $28 million. Now, the Hawks will take up his contract and pay him. Even if he doesn’t play for them next year.

He will be released by the Hawks and end up signing with the Houston Rockets. The Hawks had no intentions to keep Anthony. They wanted to get rid of Schroder and the Thunder were more than willing to take him. This is a great trade for both teams because they both got what they wanted. Even Anthony got what he wanted; not playing for either of those teams.

Anthony wants to play for a team that can make a run to the NBA Finals and the Rockets are that team. He is lucky that his friend Chris Paul is in Houston and is telling them to sign him. It also helps that your former coach is the current coach of the Rockets; Mike D’Antoni. Houston may have competition from Miami because the Heat have shown some interest and who doesn’t want to live in Miami.

The one loser in the trade may be Schroder. He will now be a backup point guard for the Thunder. That will hurt his ego but if he can be open minded, he can thrive. He is going to be much better than most players in the second unit. Also, he will be on a team that can compete for a playoff spot unlike the Hawks. He may not be a starter anymore but he will still get lots of minutes.

Overall, this trade is a win-win for both teams. The Hawks want to struggle and lose the next couple of seasons and by taking on Anthony’s contract, they will have less money to spend on other players. They will also have lots of minutes for their younger players and that will help them develop.

Getting rid of Anthony was a great move because they would have had to buy him out otherwise. Instead, they got back a couple of good players that can help them right away. This is how you execute a great trade.