The Portland Trail Blazers Are Capable of NBA Finals Run

The Western Conference has a couple of teams that can make a play for a championship this year. Most people believe its going to be a toss up between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets but they are overlooking the Portland Trail Blazers.

The Blazers are sitting on the third seed in the Western Conference with a record of 46-28. Nobody had the Blazers finishing third because the West is too strong. This feat alone should prove how good the Blazers are and can be.

Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum have played phenomenal this year and have taken the Blazers to the next level. These two have made the Blazers a nightmare because they can score at will.

Besides the guards, the Blazers have a great center in Jusuf Nurkic. He has been the final piece the Blazers needed to make them into an all-around team that can score from the inside and outside.

Just watch Nurkic against the Houston Rockets and you will know how good he is. Lillard and McCollum were both playing bad yet they were still in the game because Nurkic was dominating the Rockets with his size and his passing ability.

The NBA is about superstars more than ever and that is why the Blazers won’t be given the recognition they deserve. They don't have Chris Paul and James Harden or Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant on their roster. Yet they have been playing great all season. They had a 13-game winning streak earlier this month and looked unbeatable. Not many teams can keep up with the Blazers in scoring.

That is why the Blazers have a chance to make it to the NBA Finals and win it all. They can score with any team. They can compete with the Warriors and the Rockets, both teams that are predicted to make it to the Western Conference by many.

Golden State will have their hands full if they make it to the second round of the playoffs. They will most likely play the Blazers. With Stephen Curry sidelined and his timetable for return isn’t clear as of yet, the Blazers can upset them.

Blazers will score a lot of points and the Warriors rely on Curry’s scoring and play making ability a lot. That is going to be a fun series to watch because it will go to six or seven games. Even with Curry, the Warriors will have trouble because Lillard is just as good of a scorer as Curry is.

Playing as the underdog might be the perfect scenario for the Blazers because they can use that to motivate them even more to beat the Warriors and the Rockets to make it to the NBA Finals.