The Lakers Won't Be Getting Damian Lillard

The Los Angeles Lakers are rumored to be trying to land Damian Lillard. If the Lakers were to get him, they would automatically become a superstar team. Unfortunately, getting Lillard is a stretch and won’t happen.

Why would the Portland Trail Blazers trade their best player away? Especially to the Lakers, a rival team? Portland loves Lillard and he has carried them for the last few years. Yes, the Blazers haven’t had much success and were swept last year against the Pelicans. There is room to worry but trading Lillard is obviously not the solution.

The Blazers aren’t a good defensive team. It’s as simple as that. Lillard and C. J. McCollum are great offensive players but horrible defensive players. They rely on their high powered offense to carry them to a win but they were matched up against the pesky Pelicans in the first round. The Pelicans were also a great offensive team but they also were a great defensive team. That was the difference and just an unlucky match-up for the Blazers.

One bad playoff exit isn’t going to be enough to trade away Lillard. If anything, he is the least expandable one. Everyone saw how dominant Lillard was last year. He averaged 26.9 points per game, 6.6 assists per game and 4.5 rebounds per game. That was a great year for him and the Blazers would be crazy to trade him away after that.

Everyone is hoping that the Lakers somehow get their superteam and give LeBron James another superstar. Getting Lillard is wishful thinking and it won’t happen. But it is nice to imagine what if. Luckily for the Lakers, Carmelo Anthony will be available soon and they can sign him and let James play with another player from his 2003 NBA draft.

The Lakers are better off chasing a player like Kawhi Leonard because he is on the move. Lillard is stagnant and that won’t change unless the Blazers have another early playoff exit and that won’t be until next year. Not everyone will be joining the Lakers even though that is how it has appeared last week.