Stephen Curry Makes Case for MVP As he Faces Stiff Competition

Stephen Curry is having a great season so far and that has put him ahead of the pack as the favorite to win the Most Valuable Player Award. Will Curry win the MVP Award or will someone else win it?

Winning the MVP Award is not easy. Besides having a great year, the player's team also has to do well. That is what Curry and the Golden State Warriors have done. Curry is averaging just under 30 points per game and shooting almost 50 percent from the three.

Those numbers will come down to earth as the season goes on but Curry can still have impressive numbers to win the MVP award. It would be his third MVP award and his first since 2016.

Will Curry edge out his competition and win it? I think that because he is a guard, he will have a harder time winning it this year. His competition includes The Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo and Joel Embiid. Both of those players do a little bit of everything whereas Curry is mostly a scorer and averaging a decent 6 assists per game.

The other two players are averaging a double-double and are great shot blockers. The Greek Freak is almost averaging 6 assists. He does a bit of everything and I think because of that, he may be the one to take home the award this year.

While Curry has a great case, I do think that the award has a bias towards players that have have won it before. The award doesn't usually go the best player but the one that is emerging into a superstar and puts his team on the map.

It also doesn't help that Curry is one a superteam and that his team would still make the playoffs without him. Last year, the MVP Award should have gone to LeBron James because he was the most valuable player to his team. This year, the Cleveland Cavaliers are horrible without James.

The season is young and Curry can still make his case stronger. He will have to add a few other statistics like steals and a few more rebounds because that may ultimately decide whether or not he wins the MVP Award.