Should the Warriors be Worried About Klay Thompson Leaving?

Klay Thompson has become a household name over the years with his amazing shooting and unbelievable performances. He is one of the two Splash Brothers and is an important part of the Golden State Warriors' offense and defense. And he will be a free agent after the upcoming season is over.

Will Thompson leave the Warriors? That will depend on a lot of factors such as money, role and his preference. Teams will throw a lot of money at Thompson to sign him. He is going to attract a max contract because he is that good and honestly, nothing less would make him leave.

One way or another, Thompson will get paid. That is if he doesn't sign a contract extension. If Thompson were to sign an extension with the Warriors, he would lose out on around $86 million. There is no way Thompson if forfeiting that much money, not even for the Warriors.

It will come down to whether the Warriors can pay Thompson or not. Or if they choose to. Kevin Durant is also going to be a free agent next summer and he will also be fielding max contracts from other teams. And after this season, center DeMarcus Cousins will also leave and look to get paid.

Next summer is going to be a tumultuous one for the Warriors. Who will they end up keeping and how much will it cost them? Forward Draymond Green's contract is up the year after that and he will be also looking to get paid. The Warriors reign may come to an end sooner than most people would realize.

According to Mychal Thompson, former NBA player and father of Klay Thompson, his son wants to stay with the Warriors. We will see if Thompson will leave some money on the table to play in the Bay Area or will he abandon ship. Either way, the Warriors will be losing lots of sleep over next summer's free agency.