Should the Rockets Trade for Jimmy Butler?

The Houston Rockets want to win an NBA Championship and are going to build the best team possible to reach that goal. They want to acquire Jimmy Butler but should they trade for him?

Trading for Butler will not be cheap. The Minnesota Timberwolves want Eric Gordon and P.J. Tucker for Butler. That is a lot for Butler considering he has only one year left on his contract. So far, the Rockets have declined that trade.

Defeating the Golden State Warriors this year will require an elite roster. The Warriors have five superstars starting (DeMarcus Cousins is out due to injury but should be back before the second half of the season). To defeat them, the Rockets will need Butler but giving up either Gordon or Tucker will hurt their chances.

Tucker is a great defender and an amazing rebounder. He causes havoc for opposing teams because he is so strong. Losing him will hurt the team's mental strength and I think that is very important in the playoffs.

I think Gordon is their third best play maker but he is one player the Rockets can part with. He isn't planning to come back to the Rockets so trading him is beneficial to them. Still, losing his scoring ability will hurt the Rockets because they don't have play-makers outside of James Harden and Chris Paul.

Adding Butler won't give them another play-maker. He likes to shoot a lot and he takes difficult shots. That isn't a problem because he can score but on a team that relies a lot on three pointers and layups, Butler will be an odd fit.

Watching Carmelo Anthony getting accustomed with the Rockets offense has been weird. He has become a three-point shooter and that's it. I think that is better than Anthony isolating and taking a pull up but he can't use his strengths in the Rockets offense.

Getting Butler will not make the Rockets better than the Warriors but Butler's intensity will fit well with the Rockets. They play hard and a focused Butler would add more fuel to the fire that is the Rockets.

Trading for Butler is a tricky situation because he won't come cheap. The Rockets will have to play it carefully because they can't trade their young players because they are the future. Instead, they should only part with players that they can live without.