Raptors Trying to Trade for Jimmy Butler

The Toronto Raptors are trying to trade for Jimmy Butler and may land him because he is unhappy with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

According to rumors, the Raptors are trying to trade Serge Ibaka and other players and pieces for Butler. That is an odd trade because the Wolves don't need any more big men but Ibaka is a really good player so his value is high.

It isn't anywhere near Butler's value but Butler's contract and desire to leave Minnesota make his value plummet. Still, it doesn't look like a good trade for the Wolves. I don't think they will pull this trade unless they are desperate. I imagine if this trade does happen, it will be in the middle of the season, not this early on.

One benefit the Wolves can get from this trade is a first round pick. Drafting young players is how you build a great team. The only problem with that is that the Raptors will surely have a really low draft pick. That isn't worth as much and might be too little for Butler.

It would depend on who the Raptors part ways with to land Butler. They have already traded away DeMar DeRozan away to the San Antonio Spurs. They can't keep trading talented players away.

by Ahaqir Ishaq
by Ahaqir Ishaq

If the Raptors get Butler, they may be the greatest defensive team ever. Butler and Kawhi Leonard on the same team would be a nightmare for opposing teams. How would teams even score? I would love to see this happen just because of the amount of steals the Raptors would get.

I expect the Raptors to keep making moves because dethroning the Golden State Warriors will take a lot of manpower. Butler may in fact be the right player to get because they will have another player that will prevent the Warriors from scoring.

That is the NBA Finals I would love to see. The Boston Celtics are filled with talented players but they are still young. They will lose because of the lack of experience. I want players that have years under their belt because that is what it will take to beat the Warriors.