New York Knicks Trying to Recruit Kevin Durant

Enes Kanter will do anything to win. Even recruit Kevin Durant, a player he has bashed for the past two years. Will the New York Knicks land Durant next summer?

If Kanter's able to recruit Durant to the Knicks, he deserves commission. Durant does not want to play for a franchise that isn't good. As we have seen, Durant wants to win and will only team up with players that are able really good. Kanter and the Knicks don't fit in that category.

“I’ve been hard on him the last two years,” Kanter told Sirius XM Radio. “As soon as I learned he’s becoming a free agent, he’s my best friend. I can’t say enough of the guy. He’s the best scorer to ever play the game. Who wouldn’t want KD to wear a New York uniform?”

It is hard to tell when Kanter is being serious or when he is making a joke. I believe that he does want Durant to join the Knicks. He is irritated by Durant like the rest of the league for joining the Golden State Warriors. Durant took the easy way to a championship instead of sticking with his former team, the Oklahoma Thunder to win one.

Now that Durant may become a free agent, Kanter is all smiles. I don't think Durant is going to forget that that Kanter was making jokes. The NBA is a league full of trash talkers so that is a part of the game. It may be forgiven but the amount of disrespect aimed at Durant is coming from many people.

Walter Frazier, Knicks legend and announcer, criticized Durant for joining the Warriors. He said the Durant will have an asterisk next to his two championships because he joined a championship team.

That criticism is everywhere on the internet but hearing a respected basketball player say it gives it new meaning. Fans aren't the only ones that think Durant's two championships are tainted. Former and current NBA players have the same view and it may in fact be something that will be mentioned whenever Durant's career is the topic of discussion.

From all the criticism tossed at Durant, it seems ironic that they are trying to recruit him. Yet I appreciate the honest criticism. If that's how those people feel, they should say it. It's on everyone's mind.

Good luck to the Knicks because the last time they tried to recruit him, he didn't even meet them. Let's hope it goes differently this time around.