NBA GM's are Mad At LeBron James for Recruiting Anthony Davis

The fight for landing Anthony Davis got LeBron James into trouble and while it wasn't his fault, NBA GM's were not happy with him.

It all started when an ESPN reporter asked James about playing with Davis. James replied “It would be awesome.” That interaction didn't sit well with some GM's from small market teams. They accused James of tampering and wanted the NBA to punish him.

Unfortunately for those GM's, James was not punished. The NBA didn't consider it tampering because James didn't actively recruit him. He answered a question he was asked as best as he could.

Those GM's should be reminded that James didn't tell Davis to play with him. He only said it would be awesome if it happened. That scenario was brought up by the reporter, not James. That alone was enough for the NBA to not punish James.

While I don't like the stance by those GM's, I do get it. They know how hard it is to keep a star player in a small market team. They can't compete with Los Angeles and they will protect their assets. This wasn't a battle they could win but they get an A for effort.