Minnesota Timberwolves Sign Karl-Anthony Towns to an Extension

The Minnesota Timberwolves signed center Karl-Anthony Towns to a super-max extension. He signed a five year, $190 million deal according to sources.

First off, let me congratulate Towns for getting paid. He didn't deserve that much money. If you saw the playoffs last year, you would agree. A player that is getting paid a super-max deal didn't show up for most of the series and was a big reason why they lost to the Houston Rockets.

Nobody is saying that the Wolves would have beaten the Rockets if Towns would have played better but it would have helped. Towns scored 5 points in the first game and followed that up with a 8 point game during game two. Yikes. He did get better and scored over 20 in games four and five.

Building a franchise with Towns is a bad move because he doesn't play defense and he doesn't seem to have the passion or even intelligence to hang with good players. The Rockets made a joke out of Towns and that shouldn't happen because you are the biggest person on the court. Towns is a skilled offensive player and the one thing he does well, he couldn't even do that.

Okay, enough bashing on Towns. I'm sure Jimmy Butler has got that covered. By signing Towns to an extension, the Wolves are saying that they will be trading Butler. That was the only thing that was going to happen because Butler has said that he doesn't want to be there, not the other way around.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Towns said he doesn't want to play with Butler. Those two seem to have a history and we don't know a lot of it. Some of the stuff out there is crazy and speculation. Either way, Butler is not going to be on the team for much longer.