Miami Heat Desperately Trying to Land Jimmy Butler

There is always a new team that is interested in trading for Jimmy Butler. The Cleveland Cavaliers were in serious talks to land Butler but now it seems like the Miami Heat are the front-runners and I believe they will be the ones to land Butler.

The biggest advantage that Miami has is that it is a big media city. That is what Butler wants and the Cavaliers can't make Cleveland interesting. That is why Butler has said recently that he wants to be traded to the Heat.

Butler named a few teams that he wanted to be traded to last week but none of those teams showed interest in trading for Butler. Teams are more hesitant to trade their young players and draft players for aging players. The sacrifice is too big for them.

A big reason why Butler lucked out with the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks is that they aren't good. If they were good, they would have traded for Butler and made themselves a better team come playoff time. Unfortunately for Butler, neither of those teams has made the playoffs the past few years.

I think getting traded to the Heat will be a great move for Butler. They have a lot of good players and are in playoff contentions. With an aging Dwyane Wade on the roster and in his final season, they will need a go to scorer and Butler can be exactly that.

Every other team should pack their backs and call it quits. The Heat have won the Butler lottery and the only thing left to see is what the Heat give up in the trade. I think they can get away with giving up some pieces and still keeping their best pieces. And if they do give up an important player, it will be worth it to land Butler.