LeBron James Wants Anthony Davis to Join the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling at the moment and need help. They won't get it anytime soon but one long-term solution is New Orleans Pelicans' Anthony Davis. And LeBron James is all for Davis joining the Lakers.

[In an interview, James was asked how he felt about Anthony Davis joining the Lakers. He replied "That would be amazing, like, duh. That would be incredible."](http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/25569005/los-angeles-lakers-getting-anthony-davis-amazing)

Landing Davis would be the biggest move the Lakers made since trading for Kobe Bryant ages ago. While landing James was great and all, it didn't put them over the top. It made them relevant again but everyone knows that James needs help if the Lakers want to win anytime soon.

The Lakers may love the idea of idea of Davis joining the Lakers but the Pelicans don't. They won't be willing to trade him unless they believe that he is going to leave. Then, they will get back whatever they can and try to rebuild.

Davis is signed until 2020 and that is a long wait. That is why the Lakers would prefer to trade for him instead of wasting a year and a half waiting. The reason why the Lakers don't want to wait is because James is only getting older. They don't want to waste his good years waiting.

If the Lakers do land Davis in a trade, it will be costly. That is why the Lakers don't want to trade their young core of players away too early. The Lakers want to offer the young players for Davis because they know the Pelicans will be greedy in the trade.