LeBron James Texts Kevin Durant About Joining the Lakers

LeBron James wants to play for the Los Angeles Lakers next season and has tried to help them create a superteam by trying to recruit Kevin Durant.

This morning, everyone was shocked to hear that James texted Durant about teaming up in Los Angeles. That is something nobody could have expected because they played against each other in the NBA Finals. Durant defeated James for the championship and now James wants to team up with him.

I hope NBA fans are consistent and give James flack for trying to team up with the player that defeated him. Durant was the punchline of many jokes for joining the Golden State Warriors after losing to them in the Western Conference Finals in 2016. History has a way of repeating itself, especially in the NBA.

The question is whether this is something that can actually happen or is James just desperate to get someone to team up with him in L.A.? Will Durant want to leave the best team in the NBA to team up with the best player in the league?

The answer is most likely no. Durant would not want to play in James' shadow. He is currently the best player on the best team. That is something he won’t relinquish for second place. Durant doesn’t have much to gain from this move except to play with James and that may not be enough to convince him to leave his current team.

James trying to court players to the Lakers is a bad sign. As it stands, the Lakers aren’t able to land another superstar besides James. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard both seem to be bound for other teams. If no other superstar goes to Los Angeles, neither will James.

This was supposed to be the Lakers off-season. They have enough cap space to sign two superstars and many players had shown interest in playing for the Lakers. That plan has hit the roof and the Lakers are desperately trying to sign anyone that is even slightly available.

By trying to get Durant to join the Lakers, James has shown his hand. He wants to make a superteam and defeat the Warriors next season. The Cleveland Cavaliers should be very worried right now. This is James' two weeks notice to the Cavs because he chose to get involved in recruiting players for the Lakers.

There hasn’t been a free agency that has been this crazy. By the end of the summer, most teams may be altered and the power structure of the NBA will crumble. Wherever James goes will be the new superteam in the NBA. The Lakers have to ensure that they are that superteam or they will have another year of mediocrity.