LeBron James is Leaving Cleveland But Where Will he Go?

With the predictable NBA Finals behind us, let’s talk about the only thing that matters now; LeBron James. Until James retires, the topic of discussion will always be him and now it’s all about where James will play next season.

No, this isn’t 2010 but the past is repeating itself. James is once again leaving Cleveland after realizing his teammates aren’t good enough to help him win it all. After James performance in the 2018 playoffs, he has shown that he is still the best player in the NBA and can will his team to the NBA Finals with little support.

That gives teams with a lot of talented players a lot of hope. Adding James to the roster would surely make them favorites to win the NBA Finals. Greg Popovich and the Spurs have made it known that they want James in San Antonio next season. The Spurs haven’t been listed as a landing spot for James but they always are in play. They have the best coach in the league and James has a lot of respect for him and that alone gives them a chance to land LeBron.

At this moment and time, there isn’t a likely favorite. Teams that are one player away from becoming a dominant force in the NBA have the best chance to land him. Basically, the good playoff teams. The Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics are the favorites but that doesn’t mean much. Wherever James goes, that team will most likely be the favorite to win the NBA Finals. They need James and he has the leverage going into free agency.

The fact that James can go to almost any team and have Paul George or another free agent team up with him would create a new super power in the NBA. It's going to come down to how comfortable James is going to be in that city. His family and his children’s education will play a big role into this decision. It's more than just basketball at the end of the day and with James star power, he is going to make sure he is in the best circumstance possible.

Lastly, the Los Angeles Lakers have a good chance of landing James just because of the star power that they have. I believe that James wants to be a billionaire and going to L.A. will help James achieve that goal. Also, they are young and have a talented roster that can make a run for a champion with James help next year.

One thing is for certain; the Cavs will not be able to resign James. Getting swept by the Warriors is something James will hold them accountable for. He had no help and will not put himself in that situation again next year.