LeBron James and the Lakers Won't Make the Playoffs

The Los Angeles Lakers were supposed to be a playoff team with the LeBron James. That has not been the case. Instead, they are bad and most likely not good enough to compete with the Western Conference.

A big criticism that James has received is that he played in the weaker Eastern Conference. The Western Conference is much tougher and James is seeing that firsthand. James can't defeat teams by himself like he did in the East and that has been evident so far this season.

With a record of 2-4, the Lakers aren't eliminated from the playoffs. They are a new team and are getting used to playing with each other. This team has been close in most of the games. The problem has been closing games. They don't have a go-to player that can score in the clutch and that's crazy to say because James is on the team.

I expect the Lakers to fix the small issues in the last two minutes but the team has other problems. They have too many pass-first players and not enough shooters. Three pointers are not the focus of this team and yet they have been able to compete.

Against the better Western Conference teams, the Lakers won't be able to compete without shooting the three ball well. Expect the team to go through many changes and maybe even a trade because the team they have now is good but not a three ball shooting team.

Betting against James is a big no because he has proved his critics wrong many times. He can do it once again but with no other superstar on the roster, I can't see James making the playoffs this year.