Lakers Favorites to Land Kevin Durant After Argument With Draymond Green

The Golden State Warriors are struggling and collapsing and we are getting to see it firsthand. It started when Kevin Durant and Draymond Green got into an argument because Green didn't give Durant the ball against the Los Angeles Clippers for the last shot. Heated words were exchanged and Green was suspended for one game.

What everyone wants to know is what was said between Durant and Green in the heated argument. Some people in the Warriors' organization are saying that Green told Durant to leave. If that is true, it makes sense why the Warriors suspended Green. That is crossing the line and making Durant feeling like he isn't a part of the team.

Durant's future is the big elephant in the room. Steve Kerr and the Warriors believe that Durant will leave and are preparing for that scenario. And there's nothing wrong with Durant leaving. He wants to get paid and play where he thinks is best for him. The problem the Warriors have is that without Durant, they aren't going to be a superteam anymore.

As good as the Warriors are, they need a player like Durant. Especially in the playoffs. Stephen Curry is great but he is only 6'3"and teams can counter him with size and physicality. With Durant, that isn't possible because he tends to be bigger than his opponents.

With all the drama, it appears that Durant is planning to leave. He doesn't seem happy there and with Green's outburst, Durant will feel like the third wheel. What Green said was inexcusable. Yes, Durant wasn't drafted by the Warriors and there from the beginning but he was a big reason why the Warriors won two of the three championships.

Maybe that's why Durant is leaving. He wants to show the Warriors and everyone else that he was a big part of the Warriors and without him, they aren't the same team. Next year will be very different and if Durant leaves, the Warriors will need to change the way they play because Durant is a huge part of that offense and defense. Without him, they won't be favorites to win.

Instead, the new favorites will be wherever Durant goes and many people believe he will go to Los Angeles. They have the cap space to pay him a max and they have a great roster and need one more player to become elite.

By winning with another team, Durant will be able to prove that he is the best player in the NBA. Dethroning the Warriors will be the best way to prove that and I'm sure that idea has crossed Durant's mind in the last week.