Kyrie Irving is Recruiting Anthony Davis to the Celtics

It looks like LeBron James isn't the only one recruiting Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers. Kyrie Irving is also recruiting Davis to join his team, the Boston Celtics.

Will Davis choose the Celtics over the Lakers? As of yet, we don't know what will happen but we do know that there is a war going on to land Davis. To be more specific, it is a cold war.

Both Irving and James will not discuss recruiting Davis both they both will be doing it. They both know adding Davis will make their teams favorites to win the NBA Finals. What can either of them offer to Davis?

James can give Davis a great partner who can help him carry the burden. That is what Davis has lacked. A second player that can scare teams as much as he does. But will they both coexist well together?

As we saw in Miami, James needs to be the first option. He isn't a great shooter when playing off the ball. He likes to dominate the ball. They both will have to learn how to play well but I think they would work out well together eventually. The only problem will be James' age when Davis finally joins the Lakers.

Right now, James is 35 years old. He is still playing great but how long can he keep it up. He will start slowing down. The one bright side I can see is that it would guarantee that Davis is the first option and James can take a smaller role instead of carrying the team how he normally does.

What can Irving offer Davis that can entice him enough to choose the Celtics over the Lakers? For starters, the Celtics have a better all-around team. They are more talented and have more depth. On top of that, the Celtics have one of the best coaches in Brad Stevens. And add Irving's spectacular play and clutch scoring and he can make a convincing pitch.

While Irving is a great isolation player, he doesn't need the ball in his hand at all times. Still, the Celtics have a lot of players that want their shots but by the time Davis joins the Lakers, some of them will have parted ways.

To me, the Celtics are a better destination. They have more to offer and are a better fit for Davis. If Davis wants to win a championship, joining the Celtics may be the best path. That is if the Lakers don't make any moves. And as it stands now, I don't think they will.