Knicks Want to Trade for Jabari Parker. Should They?

Right now, the New York Knicks are developing players and they have found a few gems. Next year, the Knicks will be able to compete for a playoff spot. While this year is going to be forgotten fast, it will have a lasting impact. And the Knicks want to try their luck again and this time with Jabari Parker.

Why the Knicks want to trade for Parker makes no sense at all. I can only think it's because of his youth. Parker is only 23 years old and the Knicks believe that they can help him develop into a great player.

I want to prevent the Knicks from thinking about acquiring Parker. He isn't that good. If the Chicago Bulls, one of the worst teams in the league, won't play him, then why do the Knicks think he will be a good fit? Some players are great basketball players but mediocre NBA players.

Playing in the NBA takes a lot of mental strength as well as physical strength. And not everyone is able to meet those standards. Players find that out the hard way. I believe Parker would do well in any other league besides the NBA. The Bulls paid him $20 million for one year and that was a big waste of money.

But they are lucky because it is a one-year contract. Still, it is odd to see a player making $20 million sitting on the bench. It happens and teams make mistakes. I don't think the Knicks should make the same mistake considering that they just got rid of Joakim Noah and his horrible contract.

Let's hope the Knicks make the right decision and leave Parker alone. Don't trade players and picks for him. He is not worth it. But it would be like the Knicks to overpay a bad player. That list is a long one and may get longer before this season is over.