Knicks Are Favored to Land Kevin Durant

It looks like the New York Knicks are the front-runners to land Kevin Durant according to one NBA agent. Will the Knicks actually land Durant or is this just another rumor?

Let's start with the last time Durant was a free agent. He didn't even give the Knicks a chance to meet him. As we all know, he joined the Golden State Warriors and ruined the NBA as a result. While NBA players didn't think that, the fans did. They were a bit more realistic.

After this season, Durant will be a free agent. Almost everybody thinks that Durant will leave the Warriors. They can't pay him a max without hurting their roster. And they are stretched as thin as a team can be. He will be gone and the NBA's power structure will change as a result.

The Knicks have made better moves in the last two years. They have a good roster and have shown potential to be great. If they add Durant, they will be a top four team in the Eastern Conference. And that doesn't even take into account who the Knicks will draft in the upcoming NBA Draft.

If you are the Knicks, signing Durant will be awesome but it isn't the only goal. They have made a good turnaround in their roster and when Kristaps Porzingis comes back, they will be just as good as any other team in the Eastern Conference. The Knicks are getting it right and that is why Durant may join them.

Durant didn't want to join the Knicks because he didn't like what he saw. The team lacked talent, direction and had a lot of drama. Now that is not the case. The Knicks are going to be the first choice of many players. And Durant may be the first in line.

I don't think this is just another rumor. The fact is that the Knicks are a new team now. They aren't the same team they were two years ago. And one year from now, they will be even better. We will find out soon if Durant is part of that future or not.