Klay Thompson's Bad Season is Hurting the Warriors

Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson is having a forgettable season but the bad news is that the season isn't even half over. And it is hurting the Warriors a lot.

This year, Thompson is shooting a career-low 44 percent from the field and 33.7 from three. That is really bad considering the Warriors rely on his scoring output a lot. He is shooting a career-high 18.7 shots per game but is only averaging 21 points per game.

Thompson is the player that makes teams pay for overplaying on Stephen Curry and cheating off to help defend the paint. Usually, Thompson would light teams up but that has not been the case. Teams aren't getting blown out anymore and that isn't the Warriors that we know.

It doesn't help Thompson that his teammate Draymond Green is also having a horrible season. He is averaging a meager 7 points per game and is shooting 22 percent from the three. Both of them having an off-year may be the downfall of the Warriors.

Poor seasons by Green and Thompson might hurt their contracts next year. Teams may pay them less now that they have seen both of them struggle. It definitely will hurt Thompson and his hopes of getting a max contract. Will teams pay him $190 million over five years?

The answer might be a little more complicated then it would seem. With his poor output this season, it would normally hurt his chances of getting a max contract. But this is the Warriors we are talking about. Teams will break bank to break the Warriors. Even if it means overpaying for a player or two.

In the past, teams have tried to break up the Warriors and they have succeeded to a certain extent. The reason the Warriors don't have a deep bench is because teams have stolen their role players over the years. And now it seems like they will finally steal their star players.

The good news is that Thompson can turn it around. According to analysts, the means of regression means that Thompson will have a great second half and his season average will go back to normal. I don't believe that will happen but if it does, the Warriors will be very happy. Very little has gone right for them this year. And they need Thompson if they want to three-peat.