Klay Thompson Won't Take A Discount; Will Warriors Let Him Go?

One of the biggest stories surrounding the Golden State Warriors is Klay Thompson's future. He is going to be a free agent after this year and many teams will come after him. Will he remain a Warrior or will he change teams during the off-season?

It looks like Thompson wants to get paid. You can't blame him. He has earned a max contract and there will be a few teams that will shell out that kind of money to him. It is highly unlikely that the Warriors will be giving him a max contract.

In the past, Thompson said he doesn't want to be anywhere else. That means he expects the Warriors to pay him what he is worth. They will be able to pay Thompson because Kevin Durant will also be a free agent and that will clear a lot of salary.

Even with all that money, I don't see the Warriors paying Thompson a max. He is invaluable but he is one of many players that they need to pay. Durant is going to be a free agent also and many people expect him to leave. If he decides to come back, he will expect to be paid.

It will be interesting to see what happens because Draymond Green also wants to be paid. The Warriors can't pay everybody and if they pay Thompson a max contract, Green will also want one.

Out of all the superstars the Warriors have, Green is least deserving of a max contract. He is a great defensive player but he is a bad offensive player. Without the other superstars, Green will not be worth as much as he is.

The Los Angeles Lakers will make a play for Thompson and they have the money to pay him. If the Lakers steal Thompson from the Warriors, it will be a monumental day. Thompson is vital for the Warriors' offense and without him, they lose one of their best scorers.

The 2019 free agency will be one for the ages. Teams better have their checkbooks open because these players want to be be paid and Thompson isn't an exception. What remains to be seen is if its the Warriors that pay Thompson his worth.