Kevin Durant May Leave Warriors After Clash With Draymond Green

The joke in the NBA and the fans is that the only team that can beat the Golden State Warriors is the Warriors themselves. We got to see that firsthand as Kevin Durant and Draymond Green got into a argument which lead to Green being suspended for one game.

It all started when Green got the rebound against the Los Angeles Clippers with six seconds to go. Durant, who is trailing Green, asks for the ball. Green instead chose to dribble the ball up the court and turned it over. Durant was furious that Green didn't give him the ball and Green called out Durant for not planning to stay with the Warriors after this year. Green also cursed at Durant which was why he was suspended.

While I understood what Green was planning to do, I still think he should have gave the ball to Durant. He is one of the best scorers ever to play the game. Green wanted to run up the court and draw a double team and pass the ball to an open player. That didn't happen because Durant never ran up the court. Green ended up being double teamed and lost the ball.

Many people expected egos to clash with so many superstars on one roster. We saw that happen and the Warriors handled it horribly. Without Stephen Curry on the court, the Warriors are a mess. He seems to be the peacemaker and the middleman who everyone seems to respect. Durant doesn't have that same level of respect even though he is one of the best players on the Warriors.

That is because Durant joined the Warriors late and not when they started their championship run a long time ago. He doesn't have that bond and this week, it was evident that he will always be an outsider. The one good thing Durant can take out of all of this is that the Warriors took his side in this argument but that won't always be the case.

After this debacle, most people in the NBA, including the Warriors, expect Durant to leave. Being berated like that for asking for the ball in the clutch doesn't add up. No other superstar player would have been denied the ball in that scenario.

Funny enough, this isn't the first time Durant has gotten made at a teammate for not giving him the ball late in the game. Russell Westbrook did the same thing and Durant was angry about that too.

It says a lot when the team you are playing for is preparing for your departure. The Warriors are being realistic and are lucky to even form a superteam with Durant in the first place. It may have been too good to last but it did pay off and the Warriors did win two championships in the process and plan of winning one more time with Durant on the roster.