Kawhi Leonard Prefers the Los Angeles Clippers Over the Lakers

It looks like the Los Angeles Lakers' words have come back to haunt them. Kawhi Leonard's top destination next summer is the Los Angeles Clippers, not the Lakers.

According to the latest NBA rumors, Leonard prefers the Clippers over the Lakers because there is less drama surrounding the team. It also helps that the Clippers aren't as big as the Lakers because Leonard doesn't like the spotlight much.

To add insult to injury, the Lakers aren't Leonard's second pick either. That would be the Toronto Raptors, Leonard's current team. Wow, the Lakers went from being the team Leonard asked to be traded to to now being his third choice.

The Lakers are to blame for this because they made it known they preferred Klay Thompson over Leonard. Now, Leonard prefers a few other teams over the Lakers. Karma at its finest.

Everyone should give the Clippers their due. They went after Leonard and even fired a broadcaster that criticized Leonard. That is how you let a player know that you want them. Instead, the Lakers are out here telling people they like Thompson more than Leonard.

Some things should not leak out to the media. They hurt your team and that is what happened here. Now, Leonard may not play for the Lakers next year. If the Lakers don't land a superstar next summer, they have nobody but themselves to blame.