Jimmy Butler will be Traded Before the Season Starts

The Jimmy Butler trade saga is still ongoing as the Minnesota Timberwolves keep asking for more and more in trade talks. Despite the broken trade talks, Butler will be traded before the regular season starts.

One team that seems to be in constant trade talks with the Wolves is the Miami Heat. They have come close to making a trade for Butler twice but trade talks fell apart. According to rumors, the Wolves keep asking for more than what's on the table.

Trading Butler should be the Wolves main job because he won't get along with other Timberwolves' players. He has criticized them and there has been behind the scenes drama that will make playing together dysfunctional.

To be honest, Butler should have been traded by now. The Heat made good offers to acquire him but the Wolves have passed up on them. I think that the Wolves will come around and accept the trade offer the Heat have previously made.

As much as the Wolves would like to pretend they control their future, they don't. Butler has to be traded before the season starts. Everything that has happened has made it impossible for him to play with the Timberwolves.

Another team that has been in trade talks with the Wolves is the Los Angeles Clippers. They like Butler and Butler has said he would resign with the Clippers. I don't think the Clippers will land Butler because the Heat have much better pieces to offer. The Wolves are using the Clippers to put pressure on the Heat to make a trade.

Butler will get traded to the Heat. That much seems inevitable. What remains to be seen is how much the Wolves can get back for him. The NBA season is nine days away. That means the Wolves will be making a trade really soon or deal with a dysfunctional team on day one of the regular season.