Jimmy Butler Wants to Team Up With Lebron James and the Lakers

Jimmy Butler may be heading to the Los Angeles Lakers after this season. Who wouldn’t want to play with LeBron James?

According to sources, Butler is interested in playing in Los Angeles and would like to play with James. The first thing to know about Butler is that he is very competitive. He has the same intense desire to win as Russell Westbrook. That is why he doesn’t want to remain with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

In Butler’s eyes, some Wolves’ players aren’t giving it their all. They don’t seem to care about winning. Which is why he wants to play with someone that wants to win as badly as him. James is one of the most competitive players and it seems only right for Butler to sought out someone similar to him.

If those two do team up, it will be a great pairing. Butler can do it all and is a great scorer and a defensive specialist. That would make the Lakers a great defensive team and make them on par with the best teams in the NBA.

As of know, we don’t know how badly Butler wants to go to L.A.. We have also heard he wants to team up with Kyrie Irving in New York City. Nothing seems set in stone. Butler is looking at his options and he likes what he sees.

Teams want him and they are going to pay him a lot of money to join them. Wherever he goes, he should have a great chance to win next year.

Unfortunately for Butler, he will have to suffer and play one last season for the Wolves. That is going to be awkward considering he isn’t getting along with some of his teammates and has openly said he wants to leave. Sounds like another day in the NBA.