Jimmy Butler Doesn't Want to Play with LeBron James

The Minnesota Timberwolves found out today that Jimmy Butler wants to be traded. Will the Wolves trade him and where will he end up?

Yesterday, it was announced that the Wolves and Butler were going to meet up and discuss Butler's future. It looks like we found out very early what that future looks like. Butler will not be in a Wolves jersey for long.

Butler has told the Wolves his preferred destinations. They are the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers. If the Wolves trade him to any other team besides those, Butler will not sign an extension.

As we have seen, some teams aren't phased by players initially not willing to sign an extension. They believe they can convince a player to change their mind once they play for them. That may happen here again because superstar players are worth the gamble.

One team that won't be able to make much of an attempt for Butler is the Los Angeles Lakers. Butler wants to play for a big market team and the Lakers have one of the biggest markets in the league. The reason Butler won't play for the Lakers is because LeBron James plays for them.

Not many players would say no to teaming up with James. Butler wants to create his own legacy and not be tied with James. Any titles won with James will take a lot of the credit away from Butler. It is interesting to see players think about their legacy and not championships.

One by one, the Lakers are striking out on big name players. Last week, rumors said Kawhi Leonard prefers the Clippers over the Lakers and now this. And free agency hasn't even started yet!

I think the team that will make a swipe at Butler will be the Nets. They don't have anything to lose. The Knicks will be hesitant unless they think they can get him for cheap. The other Los Angeles team, the Clippers, already are putting all their chips into Leonard. If the asking pricing is decent, expect the Clippers to make a few offers.

It will be interesting to see how long Butler will be a member of the Timberwolves. He has made his feelings known and there is no going back know. I think he may get traded before the season starts. That way, the Wolves can move on and let the Butler drama disappear.