Is Kyrie Irving Planning to Leave the Celtics?

The Boston Celtics are worried that Kyrie Irving plans to leave this summer. And they have good reason to be worried.

After this season, Irving's contract expires and he will be a free agent. The Celtics want to resign him but it may not be as clear cut as they want. In the past, Irving has said he wants to stay in Boston. But he may have changed his mind.

The Celtics have a “growing belief of uncertainty” surrounding the resigning. In today's age, players have changed teams that have benefited their careers. They don't stay with teams out loyalty and why should they? Teams will trade players right away if they see a good offer around the corner.

That is why it frustrates me when fans get angry with players but not teams in the same scenario. In this scenario, Irving will be at fault for misleading the Celtics. Imagine being a NBA player and every other question is if you are going to stay or leave? And answering that question will affect your career and the offers you receive.

The question that arises is why does Irving want to leave? The Celtics are stacked with talent and are favorites to win the Eastern Conference. One reason why Irving may want to leave is that he wants to play for a New York team. Another reason he may want to leave is that he isn't happy in Boston.

by Ahaqir Ishaq
by Ahaqir Ishaq

If you want someone to blame, blame Anthony Davis. He let everyone know yesterday that he wants to be traded and doesn't want to resign with the New Orleans Pelicans. Davis' departure changes the power structure in the NBA and Irving wants to be a part of that change. Irving wants to win another title and cement his legacy and he can't do that without another superstar. The Celtics are good but they aren't great.

Will Irving actually leave? If I had to guess, I would say yes. Davis doesn't plan to resign with the Celtics so Irving can't create his own superteam there. He will have to leave if he wants to build a superteam and he is leaning towards that at the moment.