Is Kevin Durant Jealous of LeBron James?

There seems to be a rivalry brewing between LeBron James and Kevin Durant off the court. We know that these players go at each other when on the court but are friends off the court. That is not the case anymore.

Last week, Durant said the environment around James is toxic. He believes that the fandom around James isn't healthy and being his teammate is not easy. You get criticized all the time and don't get enough credit. Is Durant correct in his assessment?

One reason why I believe Durant is saying this is because a lot f superstars have passed up on playing with James. The Los Angeles Lakers couldn't get another superstar to join James in L.A. Kyrie Irving didn't want to play with James either and it looks like Durant doesn't want to either.

When James heard about Durant's comments, he was pissed. James doesn't think the environment around him is toxic. Durant later called James and apologized for how his words were twisted. It didn't sound like they came to an agreement but they talked about it and cleared the air.

Durant's comments stem from all the online hate he gets while James has dedicated fans. While James is one of the most loved NBA players, Durant is one of the most hated. So he sees the negative side of the online world. But I don't think he was right about his assessment James.

Yes, there is a lot of drama surrounding James whenever he steps on the court but that's because he is one of the faces of the NBA. Beat writers need headlines so they scrutinize everything, including James' teammates. But Durant also gets that treatment so that doesn't make sense.

If Durant felt a certain way, he should have called James. They are friends and do communicate here and there. Making a public statement knowing your words may be twisted is not a smart move. Let's hope they can put this behind them and maybe team up in the near future.