Does Anthony Davis Wants to Join the Celtics?

The latest news in the NBA is that Anthony Davis may join the Boston Celtics and team up with Kyrie Irving. Wow, that is crazy news considering how good the Celtics already are at this point. Will they be able to land Davis?

It looks like the Celtics are never satisfied. They have the best young roster in the NBA and they are still trying to get better. Well, it's Irving that is really doing the recruiting. He has reportedly talked to Davis about teaming up in Boston.

It will be interesting to see if the Celtics actually try to pursue Davis because they have a lot of players to pay in the near future. They will have to let one or two of them go because they can't pay everyone. And Davis will be looking for a max contract.

There has been no rumor that Davis is unhappy in New Orleans. I think that he is going to test all his options. The New Orleans Pelicans haven't had much playoff success and losing over and over again will make a player want to try other options.

Unless the Pelicans can make it to the Western Conference Finals, Davis will not be happy. He has played great in the playoffs but it has always been in vain. Trying to beat the Golden State Warriors four times is not easy and not many teams can.

If Davis joins the Celtics, he will be able to beat the Warriors, a hurdle he desperately wants to get over. Golden State has had trouble stopping Davis but they have been able to limit his teammates and win every series against the Pelicans.

Just like the rest of the NBA, Davis wants to beat the Warriors. He knows he can't do it alone. Joining the Boston Celtics is a great way to beat the Warriors because the Celtics have one of the best rosters in the league. With Davis, they will be the best team in the league without a doubt.